Compassion Moves: COVID-19

Serving the mobility industry has been our highest honor. And, it pains us to know that many of our friends have been displaced through employment changes. Here, at Shyft, we want to do our part. We have partnered with many organizations around the world to help you return home safely. Collectively, we are offering services from temporary housing to moving and other move needs at a significantly discounted rate - from 2 months of free storage, $275 off temporary housing to 20% off on your move.

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We are inviting YOU to join the movement and give back to the community!


We are sure many of you have friends and colleagues who have been negatively affected through job displacement and wonder if there is anything you could do to help.


Here, at Shyft, we felt the same way. We created a movement with the goal of bringing our industries together and helping those who are impacted by this pandemic and need to return to their homes.


Shyft is offering our Move Marketplace complimentary with access to discounted services across moving, housing, and lifestyle essentials at no charge.

Join the movement

Eddie S.

“Easy to work with and coordinated delivery even with the late Covid-19 issues arising.”

Michael B.

“Service was great, price on movers was great, you were able to take my schedule into consideration and expedite the process, which I’m very grateful for. It’s been a very positive experience.”